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Company Profile

  Nanjing Inovance Industrial Vision Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Inovance Vision), a high-tech enterprise in artificial intelligence (AI) inspection, has been committed to promoting industrial intelligence with industrial vision solutions. Founded in 2013, Inovance Vision has grown into a team of more than 100 staffs in the field of machine vision and AI, of which the R&D group consists of more than 40 masters and doctors. This lays a solid team foundation for the further development of AI.

  Inovance Vision mainly provides customers with leading vision solutions for automatic production lines with the industrial light source, industrial camera, and vision controller as the core devices and industry-leading deep learning technology as the algorithm support. The solutions offer such functions as distance measurement, alignment, counting, and defect recognition, saving human resources from tired and slow inspection in traditional production lines. This greatly saves the labor cost, reduces the error rate, and improves product quality.

  Backed by the powerful vision R&D team and Inovance headquarter's abundant industrial application scenarios, Inovance Vision developed the leading AI vision controller "Kinovision IV700" in China by integrating the traditional machine vision with the deep learning technology. This controller has been applied to multiple industrial application scenarios such as packaging, lithium battery, die cutting, filling, and 3C.